My Dyson v6 Battery Not Charging: How to Fix This Issue?

The Dyson V6 launched in 2015, but still remains one of the best top selling vacuums of Dyson. The Dyson V6 is available in 3 different versions, the Dyson V6 Absolute, Dyson V6 Animal, and Dyson V6 Motorhead. The Dyson v6 cordless models are one of them that offers long runtime and ease of use. Although Dyson V6 series vacuum cleaners are powerful, sometimes users may fall into trouble with some common problems such as battery won’t charge, vacuum keeps stopping and starting, loss of suction power, cleaner brush not spin, unusually noisy and vibrate issues, etc.

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If you’re frustrated with your Dyson V6 vacuum that keeps not charging stopping and starting, you have come to the right place. We comprised this guide to help you troubleshoot and solve the problem your vacuum may have.

Among those issues today we’re going to discuss one very common issue that is why your Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner not charging. Here we’ll discuss possible causes of this issue and also discuss possible solutions on how to fix this issue. Besides, we’ll also provide some tips on how you’ll increase your Dyson V6 battery life. So, read this entire article to fix your issue.

Problems & Solutions

Sometimes clog in the stick near the brush head may occur your Dyson v6 vacuum not charging issue. So, check whether it is clogged and if you notice any clog then you should remove the clog or clean the head. After doing this try to charge your Dyson vacuum and if you notice your vacuum is charging now then assume that the problem was in those two attachments.

Like the battery of a mobile phone or laptop, your Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner has also a lifetime. On average, it has been seen that Dyson battery packs usually have a life span of 3-4 years. Usually, it is seen that lithium-ion batteries tend to wear-off after the first year of its usage, as they are limited to a few charging cycles. If your cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner gets old like 10 years or more, the battery maybe dead and so it won’t charge.

A top sign that your Dyson needs a replacement battery would be the flashing red light and won’t charge. If it has more than 12 red lights flashing a one time, you would need to replace your Dyson battery pack with a new high capacity one from Amazon and Amazon UK. If you can’t replace your Dyson v6 battery or face any other battery related issues then you can contact with an authorized service agent in your region.

After replacing your Dyson v6 battery, if you notice that your vacuum don’t charge or the light on the charger don’t come on when connect to the battery then you have to understand that the problem was in your Dyson charger. In this case, you may need to purchase a new charger for your Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner and you can easily purchase this charger on online from Amazon and Amazon UK .

But if you say, I’ll not purchase a new charger then you can follow another trick to fix your Dyson v6 not charging issue. But we’re not damn sure that this trick will fix your issue. You can plug in your Dyson charger directly into the hoover and not through the holding cradle to test whether your Dyson takes charge. But even this doesn’t allow the charger to make a good connection to the battery then again remove the battery completely and plug it into the charger turn on the power at the wall. If you are lucky, the light on the charge may come on and the battery may charge.

Power Issue

At first, you need to make sure that your cordless vacuum is fully charged. The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner is small but powerful. So, you need to charge it on a regular basis especially if you use the extra powerful MAX mode.

If the battery charge gets low, a flashing blue light will indicate it. After completing a full charge, unplug the vacuum cleaner and then try to turn it on since the cordless vacuum cleaner doesn’t work during connected to a power outlet.

One should keep in mind that the life span of battery of any electronic device degrades over time.  On average, it has been seen that Dyson battery packs usually have a life span of 3-4 years. Besides, it is seen that lithium-ion batteries tend to wear-off after the first year of its usage, as they are limited to a few charging cycles. So, how fast your Dyson V6 battery performance will decrease it will totally depend on the using pattern. If your battery don’t charge or lasts for a short time on the regular mode (not MAX) – then you may have to replace it.

From 2014 I had a Dyson DC44 older model vacuum cleaner. It wouldn’t run over 30 seconds, although it received as much charge as it’s required. This issue was fixed with using a new battery pack.

Check Blockage

One of the major things you have to do if your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner stop working is to clear the bin. Because the bin may be full and your vacuum cleaner may not work properly. Generally, Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner needs continuous airflow throughout them to work properly but a full bin can interrupt the tool from working. Make sure that there is no dirt on the top part of the bin. You may also require giving it one or two knock and use a narrow blunt object to free all the filth. Next, you should also check for blockages somewhere else inside the vacuum cleaner stick. Don’t forget to turn off your machine switch and make sure it’s not plugged in a power socket.

Another block able parts particularly motor heads can have issues with twisted hair. Sometimes, the cleaner head of the machine need to open up. On my Dyson V6, I have done it easily by using a coin. Your filter cleaning may be worth it if there are no visible blockages present themselves.

The way to locate your filters

Filters generally prevent all kinds of dust from fleeing and entering into the motor. Due to the fact filters are designed to lure dust, it makes feel that they also can block airflow after they’re complete of dirt. Cleansing a filter out rejuvenates your cleanser.

How regularly you wash your filters will relies upon on how frequently you operate your vacuum. The reliable guideline from Dyson is that with everyday use, filters have to be wiped clean every month. I live in a small flat with tiles floor and some small rugs, so I have a tendency to clean the filters of my Dyson V6 after one or two months.

Firstly, make sure your vacuum switch is turned off and also make sure that it’s not plugged in. If you face any difficulty finding the filters, it’d be best to follow the user manual instruction. If your user manual is not near your hand, you can collect it from Google that is easily available on Google.

Usually, you could find a removable, narrow, and lengthy pre-filter on the top of the bin of your Dyson V6 model. Simply remove this filter by pulling it right away up. The post-filter may be found in the back of the vacuum cleaner and can normally be removed by twisting it counterclockwise. The filters are normally pink-bluish in color. Pre-filters are often shaped like lengthy, mild cones with a plastic circle on top, at the same time as post-filters are commonly round and encased in sturdy plastic. The latest Dyson Cyclone V6 models only have one filter – and a handy light indicates when to wash it and when the filter is not replaced correctly.

Filter Washing

At first look, the filters may seem clean, even if it hasn’t been washed for a while. Whatever, don’t be confused by such appearances where a huge amount of dirt and dust may be hidden inside the filter, and it will be more visible on your eyes while you start rinsing it.

Dyson suggests washing the filter unit using cold water without soap or detergent. You need to squeeze and twist the long pre-filters to remove any inner dirt. Carefully you can also rinse out the post filter.

After washing the filters it needs about 24 hours to dry. Dyson recommends their users not to dry the filters using oven or tumble dryer, rather than they suggest keeping the filters where the temperature is somehow higher than the room temperature.

You may require some longer time. Before putting the filters back to the machine, make sure that they are totally damp-free, otherwise, you may have to tolerate an unpleasant smell.

If your filters spread an unpleasant smell even after washing and drying, you may need to replace them with a new one. Whenever you replace your machine filter, make sure they’re well suited with your vacuum cleaner, otherwise, your machine needs to struggle to operate. Purchasing some spare filters from before can be a good technique, as you don’t have to wait for drying your washed filters.

Tips on How to Increase Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery Life

Dyson v6 vacuum cleaners run by a Lithium-Ion battery pack that is good for around 500 cycle charges. If you own Dyson v6 cordless vacuum cleaner that you’ve been using for a few years now it will be getting close to its battery use by date. These batteries are a disposable product but with some good care and management, you can get the maximum life out of your Dyson v6 battery.

After using your vacuum cleaner always charge it and never leave the vacuum cleaner out of the charging port. Don’t keep your vacuum cleaner in direct sunlight that overheats your vacuum battery as a result it may reduce your battery life. So, select a cool and dry place to charge your Dyson V6 vacuum.
Try to replace your Dyson battery you’ll notice it offers 25% less run time than usual runtime or you have the Dyson flashing 32 times red light of death.


Don’t throw your Dyson vacuum away; we hope, this article has helped you to fix your Dyson v6 not charging issue. But if you end in smoke to fix your Dyson v6 battery not charging issue adopting our above tricks, all that you need is a new battery to give back life on your Dyson vacuum that is high capacity and suit your Dyson V6 model.

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