v8 dust bin stuck

Dyson v8 dust bin stuck [Solved]

Are you struggling with your Dyson v8 while its bin won’t open?

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Well, you get to check the release button for obstruction. Remove debris or blockage from it and try again. If the button is clear but still not working, try pressing and holding it for a few seconds. If it doesn’t solve the issue, you need to check its slide.

You’ll get covered in this article about how to fix Dyson v8 bin stuck issue. It includes Dyson v8 absolute, animal, motorhead and other models as well.

Dyson V8 bin design

The Dyson V8 comes with a downward bin design, meaning the bin is positioned below the motor and suction assembly. The bin can be easily detached and emptied by pulling the red bin release trigger located on top of the cyclone assembly. The V8 has a new bin emptying mechanism that hygienically drives out dust and debris in one action, so there is no need to touch the bin when emptying it.

Causes of the problem:

  1. The Bin mechanism is jammed
  2. Dust or debris clogged the bin
  3. Not enough lubricated
  4. Damage issue

How do you solve the problem?

In most case scenarios, the Dyson v8 bin won’t open due to the bin latch or bin release trigger getting stuck or jammed. We have come up with the quickest way to address the issue. You have to start checking by bin release trigger. You can approach it in the following ways. Either the problem is with the bin release trigger or the bin release mechanism.

  1. The Bin release lever is jammed and the canister won’t open
  2. The bin release lever is working still canister won’t open

Let’s discuss this in detail: 

The Bin release lever is jammed and the canister won’t open

The Dyson v8 bin won’t open if the bin release lever is jammed. You need to fix this issue in the first place.

How to resolve this issue?

If you find that the bin release lever of Dyson v8 is not moving smoothly, you can try pulling the lever back just a bit, and then give it another go by pressing it down.

If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, use a bit of lubrication, like WD-40, to help the vacuum parts move more easily. But be careful not to push too hard on the lever, or it could break!

The bin release lever is working still canister won’t open

If the release lever moves freely but the canister won’t open, there is a problem with your release mechanism that includes the bin slider or runner and bin lid. Or there could be blockages or damages.

Let’s fix this issue one by one: 

Check for blockages

Debris can sometimes get trapped inside the bin, preventing it from opening properly if you do not empty and clean it regularly. Over time, dirt and grime can also accumulate on the bin’s moving parts.

Solution: Gently tap the sides of the bin to dislodge any trapped debris. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior and moving parts and clean the joints and connectors using a cotton swab.

Not enough lubricated

Dyson’s bin mechanism especially the moving parts need to be lubricated to move smoothly. Over time, the slider loses its smoothness and becomes rough which won’t let the bin open.

Solution: First, take a cloth and wipe dirt around the slider. Then apply some lubricant to that. Be careful not to apply too much. It would resolve the issue.

Damage issue

Dyson v8 bin intent flap due to damages and cracks on several parts like bin trigger or lid.


Bin lock button: Bin trigger is prone to break or damage due to misuse and excessive force. Otherwise, it may become damaged due to regular use.

Solution: If you find such an issue, first contact Dyson if you got a warranty. Or you can replace it from Amazon.  

Bin lid: Dyson v8 dust bin lid is stuck for a variety of reasons, such as a damaged or warped lid, debris, or dirt obstructing the lid. If you fix the damage issue with the lid, it would solve the stuck issue too.

Solution: If the blockage builds up due to debris, try to remove it in the first place. But if it is still not resolved the issue and there is damage, replace it from here.

By doing above, your Dyson v8 bin should start working again. But if you found that most of the parts of the bin need to be replaced or the canister is leaked or cracked, you need to replace the canister.

Here is the replacement guide: 

Dyson v8 bin replacement

The need to replace the whole canister if it’s broken or comes off. The V8 bin comes off due to a faulty locking mechanism. And the fall can lead to damage. In that case, you need to contact Dyson if you still have the warranty. Or get a new bin from amazon. Replacing the Dyson v8 bin is pretty easy.

Here is the step-by-step guideline:  

How to remove an old canister?

Dyson bin release system including animal and absolute both comes with three buttons; the lever on the top to open the lid, and a button on the bottom to close the lid. The second button is on the left, and the third is on the right.

You need to first learn how to detach the bin from the vacuum.

First, pull up the bin lever like you do when emptying the bin.

Then locate the second button on the left space of the cyclone; press the button and it would detach the bin from the vacuum.

Finally, push the bottom button to slide the bin away from the handle.

Now you need to attach the new bin.

How to install a new canister

  1. First, you need to understand the locking mechanism of the bin.
  2. Take the new bin and see there are four plastic tabs. These tabs aligned with the four gaps of the slider on the motor assembly.
  3. Line up the tabs with these groups and slide the bin up a little to hear a click. Once you hear a click that means the new bin installed correctly.
  4. Now put together the v8 clear bin and other parts. Insert the cyclone and close the bin lid. Now pull the lever and see if it’s working.

That’s how you can replace the bin of your Dyson v8.

Bottom Line

As you learn by now that the Dyson v8 bin stuck has several reasons and it could be solved in various ways. By following our process and steps, you can resolve your v8 bin issues.

Try to clean and maintain your vacuum regularly, especially the bin, and clean and empty it regularly. You can go the extra mile with the astonishing clearance performance of your Dyson.


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