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Dyson Soft Roller Vs Direct Drive Vs Motorhead Vs High Torque Cleaner Head. Which do you need?

The cleaning head of a vacuum cleaner is important and it is better to choose according to your specific needs. Dyson soft roller cleaner is adjustable and can be fitted with several models as additional tools. Now it is your decision that whether you want a high torque or direct drive or motorhead. Get the desired model for your Dyson cordless vacuums.

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We can tell you that all Dyson V series models including absolute, animal, and others can do the job smarter and take care of your cleaning needs. You might look for adjustments like a soft roller cleaner head or fluffy head in order to clean quicker or smoother in hardwood floors.

Which Dyson cleaning head is your need? Soft Roller or Direct Drive or High Torque?

Here in this article, we will show you the aspects of all these cleaner heads that may help you to understand better and you can get the best Dyson vacuum cleaner for your house or office.

Dyson Motorhead:

Dyson V10 and V7, V8 have motorhead versions. The strong and powerful motor situated on the inside of the brush roll enables deep cleaning and can easily extract dirt from carpet or rugs. However, it doesn’t work best on wooden floors. Motorhead vacuum cleaners for example Dyson V7 motorhead are comparatively budget-friendly.

However, with motorhead cleaner, you can operate in the max mode for up to 7 minutes. The way Dyson Motorhead vacuum cleaners are designed it gets more airflow than others thus can perform well on all types of floors. The suction quality is no less than a powerful Dyson Animal vacuum cleaners. You may find little difficult to maneuver on hard floors by the way.

Dyson V7 motorhead in action

Dyson Soft Roller Cleaner Head :

Well, finally the soft roller head. It is also know as fluffy head. You may wonder whether you need it or not, but trust us it worth every penny of it. We advise you to fit this amazing cleaner head with your Dyson V series vacuum cleaner immediately if you have pets. It really deals with bigger debris well and performs in a quicker way. This soft roller cleaner head can be adjusted with most of the V series models.

What it does mainly? The main feature of it is absorbing larger dirt and dust together from hard and tile floors. Generally, we see other cleaner heads need to switch power to differentiate between different kinds of dirt. But with this soft roller head, all dirt will be treated the same even in low power mode. It has a bigger suction mouth to capture dirt in a quicker way.

Dyson soft roller(Fluffy) cleaner head.

Lastly, it is your choice now to decide which one will be your cleaning associate. In our opinion, if you have to deal with a stubborn and heavy load of dirt then the best solution will be Dyson high torque drive as it is more powerful and can be operated on multi floors. Dyson V11 Torque drive has it.

On the other hand, if you have regular dirt with a larger space then we will suggest you to put an additional soft roller head with your Dyson V series vacuum cleaner. It will save time and relieve from considerable hassle.

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Dyson High Torque Drive Cleaner Head:

Dyson V11 Torque drive has a high torque cleaner head and it absorbs dirt in a faster way. It is able to perform on multi floors. It contains appropriate suction power for a particular situation and applies it perfectly. Perhaps it is the most powerful cleaning head by Dyson. It literally changes your experience of vacuuming. It digs into the carpet to extract hidden dirt, also works superbly on hard floors too. It is much quit as well while performing.

It works better on auto mode and able to suck more debris. In front of the brush bar of the high torque drive, there are three options available for picking dirt in different modes. It means the suction will automatically fluctuate in terms of the size and shape of the dirt.


How three options work in Torqure Drive?

Dyson Direct Drive Cleaner Head:

Dyson direct drive cleaner head is able to perform all sorts of tasks. This cleaning head works in a basic way and will be enough if you are not loaded with a huge task. Dyson V6 models have likely this feature for all their editions. Although many users install additional soft roller heads with direct drive cleaner heads. It is mainly due to save time and pick larger debris. But still, it does not need any alternatives if you operate it accordingly.

The direct-drive cleaner head is performing great on Dyson V8 absolute model and it is also deep clean enabled. It can perform up to 9 minutes with maximum suction quality. The direct-drive cleaner head is actually a multitasking cleaning tool that will help you to erase painting dots and dust and any sorts of dirt. It can absorb all of them but takes a longer time. It goes well with stairs and hard-to-reach areas as well.

Direct Drive Head

Motorhead models are the best option if you have a shorter budget. Check compatibility before buying any heads. Dyson soft roller cleaner head will not be fit in V6 and V7 motorhead version.

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