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Dyson DC40 Hose No Suction: Causes and Fixes

If you own a Dyson DC40 vacuum cleaner and are experiencing no suction from the hose, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that can have multiple causes. After researching various sources, we found that the most common reason is split or blockage in the internal hose.

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Cleaning blockage on the internal hose will solve the problem or you need to get a new one if it’s damaged.

We’ve covered all the causes including this one in this articles.    

Why Dyson DC40 Hose not working

There are several reason behind this issue. The most common issue is with the hose. It could be both internal and external hose. The next it could be blockage in the cyclone assembly, and then filters.
Let’s find out in details:

Blockages in the Hose

It is common that blockage get in the hose due to sucking up large debris or moist dart which can cause build in the hose. Sometimes dirt can accumulate in the valve hose if the dust bag or canister is too full. You need to check first if there any blockages in the hose.

Check external hose

First, turn off the vacuum and take apart the wand from the head. Inspect the extended hose part by part to find any blockages. Next, examine the wand for any obstructions.

Then, take off the hose from the vacuum by pressing the button on the base. See if there any debris where the main hose attaches. 

Split in the external hose

Dyson vacuum hoses can split due to regular wear and tear, sharp bends, and suction pressure caused by a clog, or picking up large or hard objects.

One common reason is wear and tear due to regular use. Over time, the hose may crack or split, particularly near the connections between the hose and other parts of the vacuum. If the hose is twisted or bent at a sharp angle, this can also cause it to split or tear.

Split hose solution

If the split is small, it may be possible to use duct tape to fix the issue temporarily. But overtime under the suction pressure it may not survive for long. There is no other option without a replacement hose in case of larger split. Buy aftermarket hose assembly for your DC41 from Amazon.

If there is no issue with the main hose, we need to look at internal hose.

Split in the internal hose

After taking care of the main hose if it’s still losing suction, most probably your Dyson DC40 has split in the internal hose.

You need to check it by following steps:

Internal hose replacement guide

First of all, you need a replacement internal hose for your Dyson DC40, purchase Dyson red hose from Amazon.

Here is how to do it

First, detach the lower duct assembly by pulling it downwards. Then, pull the hose away from the changeover valve.

Then replace the bin by aligning it with the cyclone handle and pushing it back into place until it clicks.

Test hose suction

Check the suction power of the hose by removing the handle and testing the suction. If the hose suction is good, the problem may be a blockage in the wand handle

If you still having the issue, there might be clogs in the filter. You need to clean the filter as well.

Clean the filters

Dirty or clogged filters can reduce the suction power of your Dyson DC40. You can clean your filters by removing them from your machine and washing them with cold water. Allow the filters to dry completely before putting them back in your machine. If your filters are damaged or worn out, you may need to replace them. If you need details guide on cleaning or replacing Dyson’s filters, read our details guide. 

After cleaning the filter and all the blockages from hose and wand, if you can’t feel air coming from the filter, there is most likely a problem with the motor. 

Check suction motor

If your vacuum cleaner still can’t pick up dust and debris despite trying all the previous steps, there’s a chance that the vacuum’s motor may have a fault. 

If your DC 41 still running in the 5 years, we recommend you to get service from Dyson support. They can help diagnose the problem and provide the necessary repairs to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is working effectively again.

Few tips on maintain regular suction:

Bottom Line

As you learn by now, Dyson’s no suction issue can be fixed easily if you can detect the problem. Replacing the internal hose could be a bit complex for a newb. But you do not need to be a technician to start with.

You just need some tools and the right guides to do that. And this post is going to help you to troubleshoot no Dyson’s suction issue.

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