Dyson v10 filter light on

Dyson v10 Filter Light on and Flashes Issue

You’re lucky as an owner of the Dyson v10 as it comes with a filter light feature. That is how you are anticipating there is a problem with your filter.

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Does your Dyson v10 filter always light on? 

Wash the filter and leave it dry for 24 hours, reattach it and it will solve the issue. If the filter light flashes after cleaning, you need to reattach it correctly. And if the motor indicator light flashes, you need to clean the blockage of the vacuum.   

In this article, we’ll walk you through a detailed solution for your Dyson v10 including the Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead filter light on issue.

How to fix the Dyson filter light on

Dyson introduced an awesome feature on its v10 models to get the sign of the problem first. With the filter lights indicator, you can sense the filter-related issue whether the filter is dirty, wet, or not fitted correctly.

Sign of the problem: 

  • Solid filter light: This means the filter has a blockage  
  • Flashing filter light: This means filter is not fitted correctly
  • Flashing motor light: This means blockage in the other parts of the vacuum

Check the filter light – Dyson V10 Support | dyson.co.nz

Here we’ll discuss signs of the problem within the solution 

A solid filter light

After turning the vacuum, if you notice a solid filter light representing these texts FILTER, FILTRE, and FILTRO, the filter is not cleaned and washed lately.

Solution: While the problem is with a dirty filter, cleaning and washing the filter will resolve the issue.

Here is the process:

  1. The filter is located on top of the motor unit in purple color. Twist the filter anticlockwise and gently pull away
  2. Remove the dirt and debris inside the filter before washing
  3. Hold the filter on a running faucet. Clean both inside and outside thoroughly with cold water. Use your hand to rub and shake the filter.
  4. Leave the filter in a dry space upright position, facing up for 24 hours. Make sure the filter is completely dry.

Reattach the filter in the unit and turn on the vacuum to ensure its working fine.

The usual life expectancy of a Dyson filter is 2 years, but it also depends on your usage. Over time, the filter could be worn out. Make sure the filter is not damaged, worn out and usable. 

If you find the filter is not usable anymore, here is a pack of 2 original filters from Aamzon.  

Filter light flashes

If you notice the filter’s blue light flashing intermittently, that means the filter is not aligned or attached correctly.

Solution: Reopen the filter by twisting it anticlockwise. See if there is any damage or crack around the unit. Align the filter with the unit correctly, and attach it again by twisting clockwise until it clicks into place.

Pro Tips: If you have only a flashing filter light rather than a solid, still wash and clean the filter since dirt and debris can stuck around the place of attachment.  

The motor indicator light flashes

You’ll find a motor indicator light right beside the filter light. If it flashes continuously, that means there might be a blockage or clogging issue. You need to clean the blockage in other components.

Here is the details: 

Blockage in the wand: Remove the brush head and detach the wand from the unit. Look through the wand if there is any debris. Check its connectors and spaces where it attaches. If you find any damages in the wand, get a new one from here. 

Reattach the wand after cleaning, and turn on the vacuum to check the suction.

Blockage in the brush bar: Blockage in the brush bur is common that prevents air to get through the head.

Clean the brush bar in the following steps: 

  1. Use a coin and twist the brush bar right cap anticlockwise.
  2. Slide the brush bar, and check the spindle for hair and debris.
  3. Cut all the hair and debris in the brush bar.
  4. Remove the end cap and clean the debris. Reattach the brush.

Sometimes the brush bar can damage or wear out due to overuse. In that case, you have to buy a new one online. If you’re using Dyson v10 absolute, there is a washable soft roller for a replacement.  

Dyson v10 filter light on after cleaning

Now if the filter is clean and the vacuum is clog-free, but you still have the filter light on even after cleaning, you need to check two things.

Wet Filter

Check the filter if it’s completely dry or not. The motor unit can suck water from the wet filter causing such a problem.

The issue with motor unit

Sometimes there might be an issue with the motor itself. You can be sure by checking two things.

Motor sound: Turn on the vacuum cleaner and check if the motor unit is making a normal sound. If the sound is unusually loud or different from the usual sound, contact Dyson to get support.  

Suction power: Check if the suction power is normal. You can do this by placing your hand over the end of the nozzle and feeling if the suction is strong. If the suction power is weak, there might be a blockage in the vacuum cleaner or a problem with the motor.

Bottom line

As you know, maintaining the Dyson v10 is essential for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your vacuum cleaner. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily solve filter light issues.

Clean and wash the v10 filter regularly and check for signs of wear and tear. By taking proper care of your Dyson v10 filter, you can enjoy a cleaner home with ease and peace of mind.

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