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Dyson v6 Canister Stuck [Solved]

You might have been trying to empty your v6 bin and it just won’t open. What do you do now?

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First, make sure that the bin lever is working. If it’s not, you need to take care of the bin lever first. Remove the obstructions, press and pull the lever several times; it’ll do the trick. Check the lid and its joints if there is no problem with the lever. Get rid of the blockage, and use some lubricate on the bin moving parts.

In this article, we’ll find the causes and solutions for your Dyson v6 canister stuck including Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead.  

Dyson V6 Canister Design

The Dyson V6 canister is located at the top of the vacuum and can be emptied by simply pulling a lever. When the lever is pulled, the bottom of the bin opens up, allowing the debris to fall out directly into the trash can. The bin is also transparent, which makes it easy to see when it needs to be emptied.

Why Dyson v6 Bin gets stuck?

Since the bin mechanism of Dyson v6 is simple, the causes of getting stuck are supposed to be simple too.

Let’s find out:

  1. The Bin lever is jammed
  2. The Bin lid is stuck
  3. Damage issue

The Bin lever is jammed

The Dyson V6 bin lever can jam if it is not maintained properly. There could be debris or other obstructions causing the issue. Sometimes bin pushing lever can jam or break due to excessive force.

Solutions: If you cannot pull the lever down and it gets really jammed, you need to do the followings:  

Firstly, clean the dirt and debris around the lever.

Then press the lever forcefully and pull it down at the same time. Be careful to break the lever, use some lubrication and try it again.

Finally, the bin lever should release for alignment, lubrication, and force.  

If you still find the problem persists, there is a problem with the bin lid. Move to the next process.  

The Bin lid is stuck

The Dyson v6 bin lid is not different than the rest of the vacuum. It will refuse to open for several reasons. If the bin lid is not properly aligned or if there is debris or dirt in the bin lid, it can cause the bin to become stuck.

Solutions: Make sure the bin lid is properly aligned and clicked into place. Check if there is any corrosion on the joints and moving parts. Clean the bin lid regularly to prevent debris from accumulating and causing problems.

Damage issue

If you are not sincere in maintaining Dyson, the damage is inevitable. Sometimes the vacuum can fall off and make damage. Since the canister of Dyson v6 is downward, it’s most vulnerable to crack or damage. The next thing is the bin lever, here are the details:

Bin lever

The Bin lever can be damaged or break inside due to misuse. If you find your v6 has such an issue, you need to replace the lever. You probably won’t find a trusted retailer online selling this part. In that case, you need to contact Dyson for the replacement service.  

Bin lid

Since the very bottom part of the vacuum is the bin lid, it’s prone to damage most due to falls. If you find any cracks or damages in the lid, you need to get a new one from a trusted retailer.

Dyson v6 canister replacement

If the canister of your Dyson V6 is broken or cracked, first try to measure the damage. But if you find that most of the parts are already damaged and it’s expanding the cost, better to replace the whole canister.

Here are the steps:

  1. Push the bin lever down and empty the bin
  2. Push the same lever again to release the bin from the assembly
  3. Lose the canister at the front by locating the attached clip. Hold the canister front and pull the nozzle out over the clip.

Now take the new bin assemble and install it back. Strat from the front this time, attach the nozzle on the front clip, and align the back part right until you hear a click.

That’s how you fix the issue yourself. But what if the canister came off rather than stuck?

Let’s resolve this too:     

The Dyson canister came off

The canister may come off or fall off due to the following reasons:  

Faulty mechanism: If the canister isn’t securely attached to the vacuum, it may come off during use. Check to make sure that the canister is properly clicked into place.

Wear and tear: Over time, the connectors that hold the canister in place may become worn, which could cause the canister to detach during use. If this is the case, you may need to replace the connectors.

Damage: If the canister or connectors have been damaged, this could also cause the canister to come off. Check for any signs of damage and replace any parts as necessary.

If none of these solutions solve the problem, you may need to contact Dyson customer service for further assistance.

Some tips to prevent the bin stuck

Empty the bin regularly: Empty the bin after each use or when it’s halfway full so that it cannot build up inside the bin mechanism.

Clean the bin and filter: Over time, debris and dust can build inside the bin and filter, making them harder to remove. Regularly cleaning these parts can help prevent the bin from getting stuck.

Use the bin trigger correctly: Do not make excessive force to pull down the bin lever or push down the release tab. This can prevent the bin from getting stuck and ensure that it can be removed easily.

Handle with care: The Dyson V6 is a delicate piece of equipment, so make sure to handle it with care. Avoid dropping it or banging it against walls or furniture, as this can cause damage and make the bin more likely to get stuck.

Bottom line

The Dyson V6 is a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner that can make cleaning enjoyable. But it won’t be so enjoyable if the canister gets stuck and refuse to open. By following the above tips, you can find the causes and fix the issue yourself. If you still face the problem, Dyson is there to rescue you.

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