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Dyson V8 Animal vs. Dyson V7 Animal: Which One is Better?

Dyson V8 and V7 Animal both have similar dimensions. With almost equal prices both can provide great performance on multiple surfaces. Like other Dyson vacuum cleaners, these two also have versatility in operation. Dyson always injects newer technologies and keeps you up-to-date with recent innovations in the market.

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One of the best discussed technologies Dyson has brought is Cyclonic action. You will find dual tired radial cyclonic power with both of these.

In this article, we will compare these two amazing cordless stick vacuums of Dyson and hopefully, you will find the best suitable picking for you if you have decided to buy any.

Dyson V7 Animal vs V8 Animal Comparisons

Let’s have a gentle look at their key features and basic aspects.

FeaturesDyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
Editorial Rating9.39.5
Weight5.28 lbs5.64 lbs
Charging Time3.5 Hours4 Hours
Runtime30 minutes +40 minutes +
Suction capacity100 Air Watts115 Air watts
FiltrationHEPA(Total Sealed)HEPA
Signal Light(flash)YesNo
PriceCheck nowCheck now
Basic Difference

How Distinct V8 Cordless Animal and V7 Animal Vacuums?

So it is very clear that both have ample similarities between the two vacuum cleaners. The basic difference lies here in their battery performances. Dyson V8 Animal has a lithium metal battery which provides the best output by any contemporary battery. Although the V8 Animal is slightly heavier than V7 it does not matter actually. With a wide cleaning path, it can wipe the dirt very smoothly and without hassle.

Not only is the battery lifetime V8 ahead at some other areas such as maneuverability. Along with other surfaces, it has special adjustments available to clean carpets. From high to low pile all sorts of carpets can be cleaned easily by Dyson V8 Animal.

Dyson V8 Animal is slightly costlier than the V7 Animal, plus the prior needs almost double the maintenance cost annually. But not to deny the fact that V8 Animal is enriched with stronger power.

Continue reading with us to identify more specific details about Dyson V8 Animal and V7 Animal and their differences.

Dyson V8 Animal Overview

Cleaning the rugs and carpets are big worries for many as they contain stubborn and hidden dirt. Having a vacuum cleaner with perfection in carpet cleaning is a way to reduce your burden. This Dyson V8 Animal has versatile applicability as it can clean carpets better and is also able to take good care of hard floors and other surfaces.

With its powerful suction and longer runtime of 40+ minutes, you can clean your whole house easily with V8. Besides, the fade-free max mode of suction will give you super advantages of cleaning tough things.

V8 Animal was designed for a pet living house. So, adequate accessories to eradicate pet hairs and furs from your house are no longer a problem. With motorized tools and a soft dusting brush, its operation is very handy. It is measured less than 6 lbs and has collapsible features. With its quick transformation to a handheld vacuum, it is comfy to clean sofas and furniture.

The bin size of V8 is standard and can be emptied with one click, which will save you from touching the dirt and saves time. Plus the whole machine filtration will keep your house protected from allergen attacks.

Dyson V7 Animal Overview

Cordless vacuum cleaners are usually less powerful in terms of suction and others. Dyson V7 is surely an exception to this. With its stronger suction, it can be maneuvered in any type of surfaces in your house. Due to its lightweight, it can be handled easily without any hassle. It provides more than half an hour battery life including six minutes max power.

Dyson V7 Animal

Its direct-drive cleaner head will give you relief from strong debris and pet hairs. Although we think this V7 Animal is best suitable for hard floors it can be operated in carpets too. For putting more pressure during maneuvering in hard areas Dyson has attached the digital motor with it.

As expected V7 Aniaml has HEPA filtration it is washable. Generates fine odor and protects your house from the germ. It can be transformed into a handheld vacuum quickly by one click and can be operated according to your cleaning needs. Also by extension wand, you can eliminate spider net or similar kind of dirt from your ceiling and high wall positions.

Dyson V8 Animal and V7 Animal Common Features

As we have stated earlier, both stick vacuums have intense similarities in many regards. Also, you probably got an idea by seeing our comparison table.

Both vacuum cleaners are designed for pet living houses as the name suggested. They are also engineered with almost similar technologies to get the best output.

Some of the key resemblances are pointed below:

Cyclonic Action: V7 Animal and V8 Animal both have come with 2 tier radial cyclonic technology.

Convertible: Another great function available in both products is their convertibility to handheld at any time. It will help you to clean your cars, sofas, and even stairs with great ease and comfort.

Hygienic Bin emptying: It would be very nasty if the bagless vacuums don’t have this hygienic way to eject the bin. Thanks to Dyson as they have brought this technology where you don’t have to touch the dirt. All you need is just a pressing of the trigger and it empties the dust can. Praiseworthy invention indeed, Both V8 and V7 Animal have this option.

Direct Drive Cleaner Head: Direct-drive cleaner head is very useful if you have mostly hard floors in your house. Also if your house gets messy often and occupied with hidden dirt this direct drive option is a great tool. Not to mention that pet living houses are generally more dirt prone than the others.

Mini Motorized tool: This motorized tool will help you to maneuver efficiently on tighter and hard to reach areas. In addition to that pet or human hair will not be tangled and keep your machine neat and clean.

Dyson Digital Motor: The distinctive Dyson digital motor is attached in both V8 and V7 Animal. This motor is perfectly designed for maneuvering on carpets and hard floors.

Storing: Both vacuum cleaners have a convenient docking station that provides benefits of storing the machine and accessories safely when not in use.

Dyson V8 Animal Vs V7 Animal: Uniqueness and Differences

Although it seems almost 70% of features are similar between V8 Animal and V7 Animal, some subtle remarks show that both have some uniqueness and distinct characteristics that can draw attention to specific crowds. Let’s find out:

FeaturesDyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
Runtime30 minutes +40 minutes +
Suction capacity100 Air Watts115 Air Watts
Recharge time3.5 hours4 hours
ModesDual (Auto, max)Dual (Auto , Max)
Max mode runtime6 minutes+7 minutes +
Easy switching modesYesYes
Battery type1 lithium ion1 lithium metal battery
Dyson Digital MotorYesYes
Battery and Power Chart


  • Runtime:  Dyson V7 can perform fade-free for almost 30 minutes. During Max mode, it operates until 06 minutes. On the other hand, Dyson V8 can perform nonstop for more than 40 minutes. It also exceeds runtime at max mode than V7. It performs smoothly for at least 8 minutes with the highest power enforced.
  • Dual Mode: In all household cleaning there is some dirt available which needs special treatment. In other words more power than usual to extract stubborn debris. You can switch easily with both these V8 Animal and V7 Animal to max mode. It will provide the desired outcome.
  • Type: Dyson V7 Animal has 1 lithium-ion battery. You don’t have to buy it as it comes with the package. Although this battery is more than average, the one Dyson V8 Animal got is beyond comparison. Yes, you got it right Dyson V8 has 1 lithium-ion metal battery which has almost double power.
  • Recharging time: Dyson V7 needs approximately 210 minutes to be recharged fully on the other hand Dyson V8 needs more than 4 hours to get ready for the next use.


Features:Dyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
HEPA filterYes(Sealed)Yes
Dust Particles Captured99.97%99.99%
Filtration Chart
  • HEPA filtration: Without HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners can’t get satisfactory marks. Dyson V8 Animal cordless stick vacuum cleaner has standard HEPA filtration. It can trap 99.99% dust particles and keep your house protected from allergen threats.
  • Total Sealed: On the other hand Dyson V7 Animal has a total sealed filter that can also capture almost 99.99% dust particles and keep your health sound. These filters are washable. However, both V7 and V8 vacuum cleaner have superb filtration mechanisms.
  • Washable: Simple way to wash the filters. Just rinse it in water and dry it for reusing.

Dyson V7 Animal Vs V8 Animal: Cleaning Experience

Features:Dyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
Bin capacity0.5 L0.55 L
Hygienic emptyingYesYes
Floor adjustmentYesYes
Assembly requiredYesYes
Cleaner headDirect driveDirect drive
Ergonomic designYesYes
Suction capacity100 Air Watts115 Air Watts
Power and Tools Chart
  • Suction Capacity: Generally lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners do not have sufficient suction capacity. In many cases, it happens due to existing low air watts. Luckily both V7 and V8 have the good suction capability. V7 has 100 air watts, but V8 has stronger 115 air watts. Both can suck debris quickly with effectiveness. But Dyson V8 is a little better. 
  • Bagless: As you can see both Dyson V8 Animal cordless stick vacuum and Dyson V7 Animal has a similar cleaning performance. There is no hassle of buying a dustbag because both vacuum cleaners are bagless.  Although Dyson V8 Animal has a slightly bigger dust bin, both can consume a handsome amount of dust at a time.
  • Torque Drive cleaner head: Good thing is both have torque drive to operate, so picking the hard dirt is not a big worry.
  • Hygienic emptying: With both vacuum, you can empty the dust bin hygienically. In other words without touching the dirt.
  • Ergonomic Design: Dyson V8 Animal is ergonomically designed and very easy to maneuver. V7 is no exception but pressing the power button whole time during vacuuming would be a little weird to some users.
  • Floor adjustment: With Dyson V7 Animal you can switch among surfaces easily with its automatic floor adjustment option. This feature is absent in V8 Animal.

Cleaning Test Results

SurfacesDyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
Hard floors4.64.3
Best for pet living house4.54.7
Cleaning test score out of 5: V7 vs V8

Best Performance: After analyzing the performance in various surfaces we think there are slight differences between Dyson V8 Animal and V7 Animals surface suitability. In our opinion V7 Animal is best for maneuvering at hard floors whereas V8 Animal is capable to bring best result at carpeted surface.


Features:Dyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
Cyclone2 tier radial cyclone2 tier radial cyclone
Transformation to HandheldYesYes
Dyson Digital MotorYesYes
Signal Light(flash)YesNo
Whole house cleaningYesyes
Deep cleaningUnknownYes
Dyson V7 and V8 technology
  • Radial Cyclonic Technology: We have stated earlier that Both Dyson V8 Animal and Dyson V7 Animal have cyclonic action. It creates immense pressure and removes dust out of the air and into the bin. It also helps to capture the tiniest particles from the dirty surfaces.  Both V7 and V8 operate through 15 cyclones.
  • Transformation to Handheld: If the vacuum cleaner can be convertible to a handheld vacuum, it adds an extra advantage to a cordless stick vacuum. Cleaning furniture, stairs sofa etc will be much easier with this option. 
  • Signal light: Having a signal light helps to know the battery runtime and capacity prior. Dyson V7 Animal has this option precisely.
  • Deep cleaning: With stronger suction capacity Dyson V8 cleans more perfectly. The deep cleaning technology will help to capture ground in dirt in an expert manner.


Features:Dyson V7 AnimalDyson V8 Animal
Mini motorized toolYesYes
Crevice toolsYesYes
Soft dusting brushYesYes
Extension wandYesYes
Pet brushNoYes
Combination toolYesUnknown
Accessories Chart
  • Mini Motorized tool: This motorized tool will help you to maneuver efficiently on tighter and hard to reach areas. In addition to that pet or human hair will not be tangled and keep your machine neat and clean.
  • Crevice tools: If you have several furniture or tight spaces in your house, the dirt will store on the various corner underneath those. In this case, you need additional crevice tools that will be able to reach those hard areas. Dyson V7 Animal has this useful crevice tools attached.
  • Pet Brush: Dyson V8 Animal has total of 04 accessories. V8 Animal got an extra pet brush tool to treat pet hairs more efficiently. Dyson V7 has a soft dust brush instead.
  • Combination tool: Dyson V7 Animal has combination tools to adjust between surfaces anytime quickly. By this, you will be able to combine two tools in one and easily switch among surfaces. This feature is absent in V8 Animal.


As Dyson V7 price has been reduced from its initial price, you will find the V8 Animal at a slightly higher price. But both vacuum cleaners are surely worth the cost. As you can see the ratio of similarities between V8 Animal and V7 Animal is almost 75%, you may opt-out for the costlier option. But those who prefer quality over budget or anything V8 Animal is the best picking for them.

If you don’t want to spend extra money on minor features then V7 is probably the best pick for you.


Dyson V8 Animal cordless stick vacuum cleaner has 5 years limited warranty, but V7 Animal has 2 years warranty.


Dyson V8 Animal is ASTM F558 certified. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design which helps to maneuver with ease and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do V7 and V8 come with all the tools?

Yes, they do! Both vacuum cleaners need assembling and all other tools and accessories are attached with these two. Even the simplest items like the mini motorized brush or soft roller brush also come with the package.

What is the core difference between the Dyson Motorhead and Animal version?

Well, in short, Animal vacuums are made for bigger operations with advanced skills. For instance, Motorhead versions have not included upholstery and washable HEPA filters. On the other hand, Animal vacuum cleaners like Dyson V7 Animal and Dyson V8 Animal have advanced applications.

What does soft dust brush do?

Dyson V7 Animal has this tool. It takes care of your hard surfaces so that it may spot-free while enforcing excessive pressure on hard dirt.

Does the Dyson V8 Animal have a battery replacement option?

According to most users, Dyson V8 Animal can perform without major fault for at least 4 to 5 years. The charge will remain as it was the beginning. However, you can easily replace a new battery for V8.

How complicated the cleaning of filters of Dyson V7?

To be frank it is totally hassled free for V7 Animal. You can clean the brush simply by unlocking it. Then just rinse the filter and dry it. You can do the cleaning every three months.


You should buy a Dyson V8 Animal, if you want…

Longer Runtime: If you have a bigger house then you probably need longer runtime of your cordless vacuum cleaner. On a general indication, half an hour vacuuming can cover the whole house, whereas Dyson V8 Animal will provide you above 40 minutes fade-free operation. With this extra time, you can finish your cleaning task with more perfection.

Quicker performance: With its stronger performance ability V8 Animal can bring quicker outcomes with full force. Point to be noted that the Dyson V8 Animal has 1 lithium-ion metal battery which has an almost double effect.

You should buy a Dyson V7 Animal if you want…

Multiple Surfaces: Although Dyson V7 Animal is best fitted for hard floors, it has precise versatility. It can be maneuvered at any surface with greater results. Plus it has a combination tool that literally makes the switching between surfaces convenient.

Standard house space: If you have a standard-sized house, not very large then V7 Animal can clean your whole house with its half an hour-long runtime. Plus this vacuum is very lightweight and can reach lower or tougher spaces of your tiny apartment very comfortably.

Price: If you are living in small home or apartment then you can save some bucks with v7 Animal.

Final note                                   

We hope you have got a clear concept about similarities, differences, and uniqueness of the Dyson V8 Animal and V7 Animal cordless stick vacuum cleaners. The proportion of resemblance is way higher than the difference here; it can be said without thinking much.

However, both Dyson cordless vacuums have some distinguished remarks. We believe this comparison will help you to pick the better option according to your cleaning needs.

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