Dyson Soft Roller Head with different parts

Dyson Soft Roller Cleaner Head Worth It?

Many people would say Dyson soft roller cleaner head has no particular use anymore but practically speaking, it has some distinguished uses. The soft roller cleaner head or fluffy head by Dyson is something you will love at first sight for its benefits. This soft roller cleaner head will make your job way smoother, quicker and scratch free as well. It will clean the large and stubborn dirt in one push and you don’t need to pull backward for removing larger dirt.

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Generally, the commonly found Direct-drive cleaner head will provide satisfactory services on most floors. We are not saying it is a must for your house because the direct-drive cleaner can handle almost all responsibilities. But when you think about hardwood floors or tile floors, no other head can beat soft roller head. Nevertheless, it might seem important if you are struggling with your pet’s leftover foods or cleaning the stairs. It does a perfect job there.

Reasons why do you need a Soft Roller Cleaner Head for your Dyson Vacuum

All Dyson models have this super effective soft roller cleaner head by default. However, it can fit in other models both previous and updated ones like V6, V7, V8, V11, V15 detect. As we stated earlier you can get your cleaning job done without a soft roller cleaner head, but by using it you will feel the worth instantly. You may consider soft roller or fluffy head for your Animal or Absolute or torque drive versions of Dyson cordless vacuums except Motorhead version for scratch free prompt floor cleaning.

Here are some key aspects of fluffy head that show why you need it at your home right away.

Larger Front Space:

Dyson soft roller cleaner head uses a roller in place of a brush; therefore it is easily removed both dust and dirt at a time. It is mainly because it has a bigger hollow space to suck the debris. Moreover by picking this extra-large amount of dirt does not harm the floors due to its microfiber bristles. You don’t need to worry about scratch any longer.

Best Head for Hardwood or Tiles floors

This probably works best on hard floors, tile floors or low pile rugs. Because without this soft roller cleaner head you can not clean properly other surfaces like wood, vinyl, tiles, or wet floors and hard floors. Dyson’s soft roller head does a great job on hard floors. You may consider soft roller or fluffy head for your animal or absolute versions of Dyson vacuum for scratch free prompt hardwood floors or tiles cleaning.

Dyson v10 absolute with soft roller cleaner head
Dyson V15 with laser soft roller head

Quick Cleaning

The additional soft roller head will clean your hard floors or even carpets (low pile) in a faster way. It can simply more suction power and let your surfaces empty and dust-free. The soft roller cleaner head is compatible with almost all Dyson V series models, including the Dyson V6,V7,V8,V10,V11.

Pet Friendly

It is pet-friendly. You will be able to remove all the dirt and stubborn debris easily and without hassle. We would say this Dyson soft roller head is a must for a pet living house. It grabs everything instead of just pushing around, and it also works perfectly even in low power adjustment as it is designed to absorb bigger pieces of dirt.

Less Audible Noise

O yes! Another positive aspect is that it reduces the noise level of vacuuming. The fluffy tools inside absorb dirt in a comparatively silent way. Ideal buy if you have infants or patients in your place.

Original Soft Roller Head (Fluffy Head) and Attachments

You may find many Soft roller or Fluffy heads on Amazon. To work promptly, you should buy genuine soft roller cleaner head from Dyson store of Amazon which covers warranty period. Other cleaner heads from 3rd party sellers may have more functionality than original Dyson head but when considering long time cleaning, you should ignore them.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head is available for Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11 models. You have option to replace brush roll instead of full cleaning head if there is any problems.

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3rd Party Soft Roller Heads(Fluffy Heads) for Dyson

When You should ignore Soft Roller Cleaner Head

If you have carpeted densely house and most of them are medium to high pile carpet then soft roller cleaner head is not suitable for that surface. It doesn’t work great on carpet or rugs because it can’t pick up to much dirt from carpet. While considering carpet cleaning, you may select Torque drive. And, if you have already motorhead version vacuum from Dyson then this head will not fit and no need for you as both do same task.


Finally, if you are not willing to spend money for buying new a Dyson vacuum, soft roller cleaner head adjustment can be great option for you to make your cleaning task hassle-free. Apart from motorhead models of the Dyson V series, this head are fitted in most of the cordless models. It is definitely worth your money if you are looking for hard floor cleaning!

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