Dyson V10 Animal and V11 Animal

Dyson V10 Animal Vs V11 Animal? Which one will be the Best Cordless Vacuum?

Have you decided to buy latest Dyson cordless animal vacuums but not sure which one to buy? If your answer is yes then hopefully you are bombarded with tons of reviews and get confused terribly. Well here we are, presenting comparative analysis of two best animal vacuum cleaners of Dyson.

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It is very usual to face a dilemma while buying closely featured vacuum cleaners Dyson V10 animal and Dyson V11 animal. Both vacuums are qualified purchases and able to take good care of your whole house.

No doubt the most crucial aspects by which you decide to pick a cordless vacuum among thousands of products are the suction capacity, runtime and efficient maneuverability. These two next generations cordless vacuums by Dyson are great for every floor and surfaces.

Comparison Table: Dyson V10 Animal Vs V11 Animal

Well, to be frank Dyson V11 is clearly ahead in all major areas but there are some other significant specifications you may look at a glance to make a final decision. 

FeaturesDyson V10 Animal Dyson v11 Animal
Runtime60 minutes60 minutes
Weight5.86 lbs6.68 lbs
FiltrationWhole machineWhole machine
Digital screenNOYES
Cyclonic technologyYESYES
Torque cleaner headYESYES
Modes0303 (Eco, boost, auto )
Self adjustment of powerNOYES
Battery01 Lithium-ion (included)01 Lithium ion_7 cell (included)
Mount dockingYESYES
Best performanceCarpetHard floor and carpet
Conversion to handheldYESYES
One touch emptyingYESYES
Bin size.75 litre1 litre
Mini motorized toolsYESYES
Pet friendlyYESYES
Docking stationYESYES
Extra Tools24
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon
Dyson V10 Animal vs V11 Animal

Dyson V11 Animal is Best

Without any doubt Dyson v11 animal is better than Dyson v10 animal but is it good according budget? Although Dyson V11 animal is slightly expensive you can have all the benefits offered by V10 animal at the same time it has some extra ordinary features like auto adjustment of suction, noise reduction and digital screen display and some others.

Dyson V11 animal is highly recommended if you want longer runtime , with stronger suction and easy maneuverability.

We believe when you have decided to buy a vacuum cleaner from Dyson you already know that quality products are always a bit costly. But if you compare the benefits you are going to receive, the price will seem reasonable. 

Dyson V10 Animal Cordless Review

Dyson v10 Animal surely has more powerful suction than any previous vacuum cleaners of dyson. You can customize the suction in three distinct modes according to your cleaning needs. Dyson v10 works absolutely great with carpets and rugs. Furthermore the cyclonic technology helps the machine to never lose suction.

This vacuum cleaner has versatility in operations. It can be collapsed easily and turned into a handheld vacuum at any time to do specific cleaning tasks. With the combination of outstanding accessories like crevice tools and soft dust brush it is able to clean tighter spaces effectively. It needs just 01 battery to operate and it is included with the item. This is one of the best lightweight innovations by dyson and measured less than 6 lbs.

About the battery runtime, in general it can perform almost 60 minutes. But point to be remembered that battery life depends on the mode you are functioning as well as the application of tools.

Dyson is conscious about your health and it provides whole machine filtration and perfectly able to capture small particles and bacteria. It keeps your house safe for all especially for asthma patients if you have any.

As we said earlier, this Dyson v10 animal is perfect for cleaning carpets; you are going to have a torque drive cleaner head as well. This will help you to extract stubborn dirt from your surfaces. Plus the mini motorized tools are very much useful for cleaning pet hairs.

It’s easy emptying system where it needs just a pressing of the trigger to clean it without touching the dirt. This is certainly a great advantage. Also you can store it or recharge it easily with the convenient mount docking station.

Dyson V10 after using 10 months

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Review

Cordless vacuums can be equally powerful or more, dyson has proved it. This particular Dyson v11 is particularly engineered for pet living houses. Also performs acutely on both hard floors and carpets. Almost double suction capacity than any cordless vacuums on the market.

Among the three cleaning modes it has, the Eco mode will provide you maximum runtime. It is almost 20% longer than a dyson V10 animal vacuum cleaner.

The unique advancements like self adjustments of power are very helpful. The suction power will be automatically adjusted according to the floor types. Also it puts much pressure on tougher dirt to clean it completely.

Dyson V11 animal is clearly ahead in terms of providing groundbreaking features. Digital screens showing blockages, runtime, filter maintenance etc will make the cleaning task easy and comfortable. Furthermore the Dynamic load sensor technology will change the motor speed where it needs.

Apart from above mentioned stuff, Dyson V11 has everything which Dyson V10 provides. This vacuum is lightweight too and can be converted into hand vacuums anytime. With the excellent accessories cleaning of high and low positions are easy enough.

The point and shoot system helps to empty the bin without any hassle plus with mount docking station , charging and storing is super convenient

Although Dyson V11 is a little expensive, considering all those decisive features it is worth pay off.  

Dyson V10 after using 6 months

Things which are Common in Dyson V10 Animal and V11 Animal

Practically speaking, both vacuums have common characteristics in many ways. You can check our comparison table at a glance if you want to see it.

As Dyson V11 has brought later it has some upgraded tools and technologies. But the core features remained the same. In terms of size and weight and capacity both vacuums are in similar state. Well to be specific the common features are these:

  • Torque Cleaner head: Useful feature to clean stubborn dirt from carpets with super fast spinning of brush roll.
  •  Mini motorized tool: Designed for pet living houses. Great relief for pet hair and furs.
  • Multiple Modes: Both these vacuums can be operated in three distinct modes which are: Auto, Eco and Boost.
  • Whole machine Filtration: Able to clean smallest dirt particles and protect from allergen attacks.
  • Collapsible: Both vacuum cleaners can be converted into handheld vacuum to maneuver easily according to specific cleaning needs.
  • Cyclonic power: This indicates powerful suction.
  • `Point and Shoot’: Both vacuum cleaners can be emptied with one pressing of trigger and without hassle.

Key Differences and Comparisons

Although it seems both vacuum cleaners are almost the same, there are some key changes have been made in Dyson V11 animal cordless. Obviously these changes are positive and provide better results.

For a cordless vacuum cleaner, the most important thing is its suction capacity and fades free longer runtime. Dyson had marked some areas from V10 animals and decided to alter those with more effective manners. We will mention some of them.

Great Suction: When the V10 animal first launched, everyone was amazed by its super suction capacity. Later the suction capability of V11 animals literally broke all the records. Yes it has enormous suction power which is almost double than any cordless vacuum cleaners. 

Longer battery life: Dyson V11 has 20% longer quality runtime than V10. It ensures to clean the whole house with equal pressure and smoothness.

Digital Screen: Talking about comfort and avoidance of hassle, Dyson V11 is incomparable to its counterpart. You are definitely going to love this LED screen facility where it displays information about blockages, cleaning modes, garbage can consumption and filter maintenance. This feature is missing in Dyson V10.

Self adjustment: Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaners have this unique advantage where it can adjust the suction power where it needs. You can switch between modes very quickly.  With its amazing DLS (dynamic load sensor) technology it increases or reduces its speed while vacuuming in multiple surfaces. Also it puts more pressure on stubborn dirt.

Bin Capacity: Although the description says both vacuum cleaners have similar size dust pots but in reality Dyson V11 got slightly bigger. Both vacuum cleaners are bagless so you don’t have to spend extra money to buy dust bags. No doubt, a bigger garbage can will allow you to vacuum more smoothly and you don’t need to change the dust pot very often.

Accessories: Nevertheless both have useful tools and accessories; V11 has something new to offer. With its Wand storage clip, storing the vacuum is easier and smarter. Plus its stiff bristle brush you can clean your messy areas tightly.

Price: One of the significant differences between two vacuum cleaners is regarding their prices. As we have mentioned in several areas that these two are similar in many aspects, nevertheless V11 animals are way higher priced than V10 animals. When it was released at the beginning the price of V10 was a bit higher than it is now. There is almost a $100 difference between the price tags.

The bottom line is if you have the standard flat and don’t usually face stubborn dirt then V10 animal is a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about various aspects and comparisons of V10 animal cordless and V11 animal cordless:

  • Both Dyson V10 animal and V11 animal say they have 60 minutes of lifetime. Which one has the longest? Well Dyson V11 has the better runtime obviously. Dyson V10 is actually able to provide close 45 minutes suction with low or eco mode. You could use some more minutes but suction quality will decrease.  On the contrary Dyson V11 animals can provide uninterrupted and fade free strongest suction 20% more.
  • How quiet is the Dyson V11 animal? Dyson V11 is surprisingly less loud. One of the reasons for this is perhaps its acoustic design and it automatically eliminates unwanted noises as well as improve the airflow.
  •  How long do these take to be charged fully? Most of the cordless vacuums made by dyson usually need a maximum four hours to be recharged. These two are no exception of this timeframe.
  • Are there any hidden maintenance costs? To answer in short possible words, No? There is absolutely no hidden costs. Both vacuums are bagless so you don’t need to buy an extra dust bag. Secondly The battery is included with the item and provides a quality warranty. Moreover charger , docking station, wand clip everything is there, so relax!

Final Note:

The bottom line is if you have the standard flat and not don’t usually face stubborn dirt then V10 animal is a good option. On the other hand you have bigger size house with multiple pet living you probably pick V11 animal due to its excessive utilities. Here is our final recommendation:

Who Should Buy Dyson V10 Animal?

When the Dyson V10 animal launched it attracted crowds very easily with its outstanding suction quality and easy maneuverability. After V11 animal entry it now seemed older but still can satisfy you to a great extent. If you are on a tight budget and not willing to taste extreme features, V10 animals are suitable for you.

You are receiving almost the same kind of product at close to 100 bucks less price. It will be more reasonable if you don’t have multiple surfaces and living in an average house.

Who Should Buy Dyson V11 Animal?

On the contrary, Dyson V11 animal is an all-rounder with a bit higher price. If you want a house cleaned sophistically and more perfectly V11 is the ultimate choice for you. To be frank you are getting all the benefits with visible improvements than V10 animal here. This vacuum cleaner is engineered as a pro pet and can eliminate pet hairs completely from your house. As it is designed with less noise production it will be a great pick for kid living houses too.

Buy Dyson V11 animal cordless now and receive a total care of your whole house cleaning needs. 

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