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Dyson DC33 Brush not spinning: Guide to a proven solution  

You might have cleaned the brush bar of your Dyson DC33 and still, the carpet brush is not spinning. You need to check if the vacuum belt is not spinning or not. If it’s not spinning, check the connectors.

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Since the cleaner head is powered by a brush bar motor, the issue may be with the motor itself.

Keep reading and fix your Dyson Dc Brush bar not spinning issue on your own.  

Why Dyson DC33 brush bar not spinning?

There are several reasons why the brush bar of your Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner may not be spinning. We’ve identified 3 main reasons behind this issue:

  1. Blockages in the brush bar
  2. Bad connectors 
  3. Brush bar motor issue

Let’s discuss these issues with solutions: 

Blockages in the brush bar

A blockage in the brush bar or cleaner head prevents the brush bar from spinning. Dirt, hair, and debris can accumulate in these areas over time, causing a blockage resulting in no spinning in the end.

You need to open the brush head, check the brush belt and get rid of all the debris and hair tangling the brush. We’ll discuss them one by one.

How to clean Dyson DC33’s brush bar

Firstly, flip the vacuum upside so that you can open the brush bar cage easily.

Secondly, you’ll see 3 twisting nuts holding the cage. Take a coin and open them up by twisting it anti-clockwise. Take apart the cage.

Finally, if you see a lot of hair tangling in the brush bar, cut them with a scissor and pull them out.

Damaged brush bar

If the brush bar itself is damaged or worn, it may not spin properly. Damage to the brush bar can be caused by normal wear and tear exposure to heat or moisture, or impact damage.

If you see such damage, you need to get a new brush. Here is the one from Amazon along with the brush belt.

Faulty Brush Belt

Sometimes the issue could be with the brush bar which needs to be solved. See if the brush head belt spins or not.

To be sure, remove the brush bar by gently pulling it out from the housing. If it’s stuck, take a spoon bar or similar object and put it underneath the belt. Pull the belt with a spoon bar until you can take out the brush from there.   

Once you’ve removed the brush bar, you can clean the rest of the debris around the belt.

Make sure the belt got no damage or the belt needs to be replaced. You will find a clutch belt for your Dyson DC 33 on Amazon. 

How to replace the faulty brush belt

The belt is housed inside the clutch assembly, which can be removed by disassembling the clutch and replacing the belt.

First, remove the clutch assembly to access the belt. On some Dyson models, the belt can be released from the motor spindle, but on the DC33, it’s housed inside the clutch assembly. Rather than removing the clutch assembly.

Follow the video to do the process. But, this is a job that should be done by a professional, as it involves electrical components done correctly.

Replace the Clutch Belts Dyson DC07 DC14 or DC33 video – YouTube

Then, once you’ve removed the old belt, slide the new belt onto the brush roll, making sure it’s centered on the roll. Reattach the brush roll to the vacuum head assembly and pull the belt onto the motor spindle. 

Bad power connectors

The power connectors are important in this part. If a connector is faulty, it won’t deliver enough power to the motor head. To ensure everything is working well, you should check that all connectors, especially those in the canister, are functioning correctly.

Clean the connectors

To clean the connectors, follow these steps:

  1. Press the red hatch to empty the canister and disconnect it from the vacuum.
  2. Check for any debris around the front connectors inside the canister. Even if it seems clear, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud to clean the connectors.
  3. The narrow part where the canister connects is the most vulnerable to debris. Use a toothbrush to clean the area if there is any dirt. Clean the metal parts where the canister connects with rubbing alcohol-absorbed cotton swabs.
  4. Reinstall the canister with the vacuum carefully.
  5. After cleaning the connectors, it should work fine. If the problem persists, then it may be a battery problem.
  6. By doing the above your vacuum should start spinning again unless there is an issue with the brush bar motor. If you have such an issue, go to the next step.

Brush bar motor issue

The brush bar motor is responsible for powering the brush bar’s rotation. If the motor is malfunctioning, the brush bar will not spin. A malfunctioning motor can be caused by wear and tear, electrical issues, or other problems.

In that case, it may need to be replaced. If you still have the warranty, get service from Dyson support. They will surely resolve this issue.

Bottom Line

You’ve come that far means you already got the solution. That does not mean you’ve got a permanent solution. You need to perform regular maintenance like cleaning the brush bar and checking for obstructions after each use, replacing the filters regularly, and inspecting the belt for wear and tear.

By taking care of your vacuum cleaner and addressing any issues promptly, you can keep it running smoothly and effectively for years to come

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