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Dyson v6 Flashing Red and Blue Light: How to Fix It?

A flashing red light from your Dyson v6 cordless vacuum signals a fault with the machine or battery. Perhaps, your Dyson v6 isn’t powering on and is displaying a flashing red light when you pull the trigger and when you put it in the charger. Finding a clue how to fix it? Don’t be frustrated. We are here to fix your issue.

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In this post, we will explain why your Dyson v6 flashes red light 4 times or 10 times or 32 times or flashes blue light when charging and how to fix these issues. Flashing red light, blue light, solid amber light, and even flashing no light denote different signals of your Dyson v6 animal, Motörhead, absolute, trigger vacuum cleaners. Most of these problems occur when charging your battery. So, before going into more details of this post, we want to inform you some basic things actually what things may happen when you charge your Dyson v6 battery. So, read this article thoroughly to fix your specific issue.

Different Color Lights When Charging the Battery:

  • The solid blue light denotes your battery is charging.
  • Flashing blue light means the battery is not charging. Re-fit charger or try another socket. If even not works then faults in charger or battery.
  • If you notice no light after full charging that means the battery is fully charged. Other case, follow 2nd steps.
  • The solid amber light indicates that your Dyson battery is not charging for any temporary issue such as too hot or cold.
  • Finally, the flashing red light denotes there is a fault in battery, most probably dead battery.

We know Dyson is a well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner industries and their vacuum cleaners especially cordless vacuum cleaners are really awesome. The Dyson v6 cordless models are one of them that offers long runtime and ease of use. But the problem is when they play up they can be hard to fault find.

Dyson V6 Flashind Red and Blue Light Fixed

Suppose, if you notice a flashing red light problem 32 times, it depends slightly on where this light is flashing. Is it on the battery itself or on the charger? If it is flashing, is it fast or slow? In this circumstance, there is not a fix that you own can solve this issue. But here are some possible solutions to fix your Dyson v6 flashing red light issue that you can follow.

You can remove your Dyson motorhead to check whether the rotating brush bar has jammed or a fault in the wires. If you find no issue with the motorhead, you should replace the battery pack.

Dyson v6 vacuum cleaners run by a Lithium-Ion battery pack that is good for around 500 cycle charges. If you own the Dyson v6 cordless vacuum cleaner that you’ve been using for a few years now it will be getting close to its battery use by date.

If the red light flashes on each side of the battery pack, you’ve to understand that it is an indication of an under-voltage issue in one or all of the battery cells of your Dyson v6 vacuum. In this circumstance, the only way to fix this issue is to replace your Dyson v6 battery pack with a new one to extend your vacuum life. Here you can check the price to choose the best Dyson v6 battery packs. More links are given below.

Flashing blue and red light or no light when charging is common problems for Dyson V6, So solution is also common. More than 10,000 people fix their Dyson vacuums by replacing batteries and chargers. Very few need to change the motor for solving flashing red light below 10 times.

Dyson V6 Replacement Batteries and Chargers (US and UK)

For US users

For UK users

After replacing the battery your problems will solve. Rear case you will notice that the red light flashing issue still exists then you may need to fix the motor. We would recommend you to contact Dyson in your region to discuss it and resolve the exact problem.

You can make a call to the Dyson Helpline on

  • 1-866-693-9766 (US),
  • 1-877-397-6622 (CA),
  • 0800 298 0298 (UK).

or contact Dyson customer support centre. Their experts will talk you through some further diagnostic checks when you have your machine easily to hand.

We hope this post was very helpful for fixing your Dyson v6 red light blinking red light issue. Thank you for reading this post with patience.

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