Dyson v7 battery fixing

Dyson V7 Battery Troubleshooting : Not Charging, Flashing Red Light, Shut off Problem Fixed

The Dyson V7 cord free vacuum cleaner is an upgraded version of Dyson V6 model which is a pretty working handheld vacuum cleaner. But like other battery based electronic devices at your home like laptop, phone, tablet, this Dyson V7 battery based vacuum cleaner may have battery related issue. If you’re a regular Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner user, you may have to face several battery related issues with this vacuum such as flashing red light, not charging properly, shuts off after a few seconds or a few minutes, etc.  

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In this article, we are going to discuss some of the Dyson V7 battery related issues and how to upgrade and fix it yourself. So, we recommend you to read this entire article.

Check Dyson V7 battery problems within 30 seconds

  • First check outlet whether it is bypassing electric supply or not.
  • Check out your charging dock or adapter whether they can transfer proper voltage to your v7.
  • Battery voltage, if red and blue light flashes many times then replace with a new one.
  • Check out if there any clogs between the connection of every parts of the vacuum.

Battery Not Charging Properly

Check Outlet

Your electrical outlet may worse that’s why your vacuum cleaner may not charge. So, try to plug in your vacuum into another outlet. If you notice that it is working now, you’ve to understand that the problem is in the first outlet that you have used. And then you should contact an electrician whether you need to fix that outlet.

Check Charging Dock and Adapter

Plug in your Dyson V7 into a working outlet and check whether the lights on the charging dock or the adapter are on. If they’re not, that means there has some issue at least one of these parts. In this case, you should hire a professional technician to fix the faulty part or replace it. If you need to purchase a new charger for your Dyson v7 vacuum cleaner, we’ll recommend you to pick up the following chargers that offer the same as your original Dyson v7 charging adapter.

PUROSUR Charger for Dyson V7

Compatible With: Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum, Dyson V7 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum, Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum, Dyson V7 trigger, All V7 models, Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum, Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum; WILL FITS: Dyson Wall Dock Docking Station and DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 DC74 SV04 SV05 SV06 Vacuum


  • Build with high-quality materials
  • Overload Protection
  • Over-charge/discharge protection
  • Overheating Protection with smart chip
  • Anti-Interference with better isolation materials
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Offers like original charger performance
  • 12 months warranty

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2. LotFancy Charger for Dyson V7

Compatible With:  Dyson V7, V8, V6, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62, SV03, SV04, SV05, SV06 Absolute / Motorhead / Animal / Cordless / Fluffy / Handstick vacuum cleaner; Also fit Wall Mount


  • Overload Protection
  • Over-charge/discharge protection
  • Overheating Protection with smart chip
  • Anti-Interference with better isolation materials
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Tested with strict quality control standards
  • Extra-long 6 Ft AC/DC charging cord
  • 12 months warranty

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But if you say, I’ll not purchase a new charger then you can follow a trick to fix your Dyson v7 not charging issue. But we’re not damn sure that this trick will fix your issue. You can plug in your Dyson charger directly into the vacuum and not through the holding cradle to test whether your Dyson takes charge properly. But even this doesn’t allow the charger to make a good connection to the battery then again remove the battery completely and plug it into the charger turn on the power at the wall. If you are lucky, the light on the charge may come on and the battery may charge.

Dead Battery

Like the battery of your mobile phone or laptop, your Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner has also a certain battery life span. On average, it has been seen that Dyson battery packs usually have a life span of 2-4 years. Usually, it is seen that lithium-ion batteries tend to wear off after the first year of their usage, as they are limited to a few charging cycles. If your cordless Dyson v7 gets old like 3 years or more, the battery may be dead and so it won’t charge. In this case you have to replace your battery with new. Some replacements battery for Dyson V7 are given below.

Extend Your Dyson V7 Battery to Get Long Runtime

If you need more runtime then you can upgrade your Dyson V7 battery with this high-capacity one. It comes with 4000mAh extra high-capacity lithium-ion cells inside. This battery is fully compatible with the original charger station. Its function and design are the same as the original battery. Upgrading a 4.0Ah capacity battery means you will be able to extend 10-12 minutes longer runtime for your cordless V7 machine.

  1. Powerextra 5.0Ah V7 Replacement Battery
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Voltage: 21.6v
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Weight: 1.06 pounds
  • Compatible Models (Fit for all Dyson V7 VACUUM): Dyson V7 Motorhead, V7 Animal, V7 Animal Pro+, V7 Trigger, V7 Trigger with HEPA, V7 Car+boat, V7 Absolute.

Charging Indicator:

  • Steady blue means charging
  • Light off means charging completed
  • Flashing yellow means error occurred

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You can also go with this high performance KUNLUN 21.6V 4.0Ah V7 Replacement Battery. Take a look at its short overview.

2. KUNLUN 21.6V 4.0Ah V7 Replacement Battery

  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Voltage: 21.6v
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Weight: 13.7 ounces
  • Compatible Models (Fit for all Dyson V7 VACUUM): Dyson V7 Absolute, Dyson V7 Motorhead pro, Dyson V7 Trigger, Dyson V7 Animal Pro+, Dyson V7 Car + Boat, Dyson V7 Trigger with HEPA, Dyson V7 Fluffy, Dyson V7 Mattress, Dyson V7 Extra, Dyson SV11, 968670, 229687

Charging Indicator:

  • Steady blue means charging.
  • Light off means charging completed.
  • Flashing yellow means error occurred.

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Dyson V7 flashing red light 10 to 32 times

A top sign that your Dyson needs a replacement battery would be the flashing red light and won’t charge. If your Dyson V7 is not working and you press the trigger button you will get a blinking red light 10,12 to 32 times if the battery has failed. This is due to the internal lithium-ion batteries being at a low voltage. In this case, you should need to replace your Dyson battery pack with a new high-capacity one. The process of replacing your Dyson V7 battery is given below.

Firstly, open up your Dyson V7 top bin using the red latch and pull the dirt separator out.

Secondly, remove the clear bin by releasing the red toggle latch on the bottom near the battery.

Thirdly, use a small Philips head screwdriver to remove the 2x screws on the bottom of the V7 battery.

Fourthly, remove the single screw on the back of the handle near the charge port.

Finally, slide-out the battery and replace it with a new V7 lithium-ion battery and replace everything back in reverse order.

Here is a short video below that shows how to replace the Dyson V7 battery in only a few minutes.

Dyson V7 Battery Replacement

 If still you can’t replace your Dyson V7 battery or face any other battery related issues then you can contact with an authorized service agent in your region.

Dyson V7 shuts off after a few seconds and starts

This problem may occur by a clogged motorhead or full collection bin. In the Dyson V7 vacuum, there has been used a protection circuit that senses a high current draw from the battery. This is usually caused by the blockage. So, remove the blockage from your vacuum to fix shut off a few seconds and starts issue.

Check Clog

Sometimes clog in the stick near the brush head may create your Dyson V7 vacuum not charging issue. So, check whether it is clogged and if you notice any clog then you should remove the clog or clean the head. After doing this try to charge your Dyson vacuum and if you notice your vacuum is charging properly then it is clear that the problem was in those two attachments.

Final Words…

Don’t through your Dyson V7 cleaning tool in the garbage just for the battery issues. It is a costly cordless vacuum cleaner that may last a lifetime with proper maintenance. It has a good battery but it could be better. If you use this unit daily then you should get around 2-3 years out of the battery if you run it completely flat. You can upgrade your Dyson V7 battery to a high-capacity one using some tools and techniques. And as you’ve read through this article where we’ve discussed all common Dyson V7 battery-related issues with probable solutions, now it’ll be very easy for you to understand your Dyson battery issue to fix it.

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