DYSON DC50 brush bar

Dyson DC50 Brush Bar Not Spinning: How to Fix It?

The brush bar is a crucial part of a vacuum cleaner that is powered by a dedicated motor inside the cleaner head assembly. In your Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner head there remains a rotary brush that spins at top speeds and helps to beat and dislodge the dirt out of carpets. Usually a type of angled bristles use in Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner for sweeping and forcing the dust to be sucked into the hose. A motor that locate inside the vacuum cleaner move the bristles. It enables your Dyson vacuum cleaner in vacuuming hard floors and upholstery more effectively.

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Although your Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner provide you an excellent performance, it’s brush head gets clogged up with long hair and so the brush bar will not spin or will not turn on.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some possible reasons why your Dyson DC50 not spinning and we also give you some advice how you can remedy the problem. So, keep reading the entire article.

Check the Following Things before Suspecting an Issue

Your Dyson DC50 brush bar may not spin due to operate the vacuum cleaner incorrectly. Three major possibilities are given below:

  • The Dyson has designed their vacuum cleaners to lock into an upright position when not in use. The Dyson motor that spins the vacuum cleaner brush bar gets disengaged. In this case, simply depress the button locate near the cleaning head to unlock the handle.
  • If your Dyson DC50 cleaner is set too low, the brush bar may not work properly. Dyson vacuum usually comes with different height adjustments for cleaning your different types of floors such as carpets, hardwood floors, tile floors, vinyl plunk floors, etc. So, before using your Dyson vacuum cleaner make sure whether you’ve adjusted the cleaning height based on your floor type.
  • Like other Dyson vacuum cleaners your Dyson DC50 vacuum has a removable cleaner head. If the head isn’t locked into its exact position, the motor that supply power to the brush bar may not spin. So, check whether the cleaner head has adjusted properly or not.  

The Brush Bar Is Clogged

While cleaning your floor things like hair, fibers and threads can tangle around your Dyson brush bar that resist the brush bar from spinning. To clear them, you can use the following techniques.

Firstly, disengaged your Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner from the plug and then lay it down on your floor to give you access to the brush bar.

Secondly, simply remove the soleplate from your Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner brush bar assembly.

Thirdly, cut hair, threads and fibers with a pair of scissors that tangled with brush bar, but while cutting those things you should be very careful to avoid cutting any bristles of the brush bar.

Fourthly, detach your Dyson brush bar and pull it out in order to clean threads from the ends.

Lastly, following the reverse way, reassemble the brush bar and cleaning head again.

Original Dyson DC50 Brush Bar Replacement

Final Words…

As you’ve read through the article, we hope this time it will be quite easy for you to diagnose why your Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner brush bar not spinning. Just follow the above tricks and revive your Dyson as before.

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